My third single Aguntse is out and available on CD Baby! You can hear it on Youtube and it will soon be available for sale at all the major online music stores such as iTunes and Amazon. The tune is based on the traditional Bulgarian song “Zableyalo Mi Aguntse” sung by Nadka Karadjova. It goes through different moods and reflects a few different musical influences. Also, it features some great musicians and instruments! More on the story of how the tune was made – check out on the “making of” Aguntse from my blog.         Read more
  When I produce music I deliberately avoid using ready-made formulas. Creating a unique style for practically every song is one of the things I find most fun and inspiring about music production. The downside of this approach is that the creative process can get long and challenging. On the other hand, once you’re done with a tune, you have a pretty fascinating story to tell about all the creative twists and turns you made in order to craft it out. That’s why I felt that besides letting the music speak for itself, it would be interesting to share more about what went on in the process of making Aguntse.   So that’s how it all began…   I was listening to Nadka Karadjova – one of the greatest Bulgarian folk singers – on Spotify, and I stumbled upon the song Zableyalo Mi Aguntse (A Lambkin Has Commenced Bleating) from her album World-Famous Voices from 1988. I knew a famous song by the same name sung by Boris Mashalov but as it turned out the two songs had nothing to do with one another. I fell in love with Nadka’s song immediately. The lyrics are about a lambkin who’s bleating sadly and telling the shepherd […] Read more
The third single Aguntse is in its final stages of production. The main theme of the composition is the melody of Zableyalo mi aguntze (A lambkin has commenced bleating) sung by the legendary singer from the Pazardzhik region Nadka Karadzhova. It’s been good fun working on this song joined by Bulgarian folklore virtuosos Biser Sokolov on gadulka, Valentin Yankov on tambura and Genadii Rashkov on tupan, as well as the groovy jazzy funky French bassist Mathias Breton. The idea was to combine the Bulgarian melodies – pastoral and slightly melancholic, yet playful, with some spicy Caribbean grooves. An extra dose of punchiness from the rhythm department was needed to live up to that challenge and therefore we didn’t spare any effort and microphones (using no less than 5!) when it came to recording Genadii on the tupan 🙂 Kudos to the recording studio engineer Marin Gonev for his expertise and incredible patience!     Read more
The singles Lale Li Si, Zyumbyul Li Si and Gyul Devoyka are out now! You can hear them on Spotify and SoundCloud (check out the Audio section) and purchase them via the links below as well as on iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital music stores. The first two singles are part of an EP of traditional Bulgarian songs I’m currently working on. While Lale Li Si, Zyumbyul Li Si was entirely self-performed and programmed, Gyul Devoyka features the exquisite performance on tupan (Bulgarian drum) by  Genadii Rashkov. Both songs were mixed and co-produced by Ozan Esen and mastered by Peter Brussee. The third song is in production and features more interesting collaborations bringing about deeper folkloric sounds.     Lale Li Si, Zyumbyul Li Si   Gyul Devoyka Read more